Our Background


Tiffanie Ashley was born in Laos where, at a young age, her family was forced to flee her homeland during a time of great political unrest. Her parents taught her about perseverance and hard work as they raised 11 children in a war-torn country on less than fifty dollars a month. The family eventually settled in Atlanta, Georgia. Tiffanie quickly mastered English and earned her U.S. citizenship. Tiffanie moved to Kentucky and started MCI in 1996.

Under Tiffanie’s leadership, the company evolved into MCI | AST and expanded into a multifaceted provider of manufacturing services. From packaging to dedicated manpower solutions – MCI | AST has grown into a complete Manufacturing Services resource.

For over two decades, MCI | AST  has a proven record of providing value to our clients. Tiffanie is very proud to be an independent businesswoman, partnering with team members and customers to achieve mutual success.